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Latest Painting, "​​Over the Bonnechere"

    This painting features three of the most recognized landmarks in the town of Renfrew, Ontario.  It captures the icy beauty of the Bonnechere River that flows through it, the historic McDougall Mill Museum on its river bank and the towns iconic swinging bridge, one of two remaining in all of Canada.  

    The mill was built in 1855 by John Lorne McDougall and served as a grist mill for most of its life along side the second chute of the Bonnechere River. It was renovated and reopened in 1969 as a museum and is home to Renfrew's historical treasures to this very day. 

    The  swinging bridge was originally built in 1885 by the W.H. Kearney family and has undergone several restorations since. The latest reconstruction was in August of 2015. 

    I was inspired by the beauty of this place and wanted this painting to capture the golden warmth of early morning light after a cold winter night, when mist from the rushing water has transformed the surrounding trees into crystal.

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