Technology to the rescue!

Most any artist obsessed with detail spends a lot of their time looking for good visual reference material to aid them in their work. In the past this has always been the case for me and my latest painting "Evening Train" was no exception. One thing I did discover aided me tremendously to get my painting as historically and technically accurate as possible was Google Earth. Its an artist's dream come true. I used it extensively to reference Union Station and surounding architecture. I even discovered that the CNR trian that I chose to paint was virtually viewable via link on The Museum of Science and Technology website. This was an amazing tool. Often you'll be painting and some detail on your reference may not be clear or be obscured. In the case of the train I could virtually walk all around it and view it from any angle as though I were standing in the actual museum. What an invaluable tool! So for fellow artists looking for amazing street view references, add Google Earth to your toolbox.

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